Aquathol Super K



Aquathol® Super K is a new granular formulation
that utilizes Culigel® super absorbent polymer technology.
Aquathol® Super K is 6 times more concentrated
than Aquathol Granular. This means less product to
handle and store, less labor to apply Aquathol® Super K,
and significantly fewer containers to rinse and dispose of.

Benefits of Aquathol® Super K Include:
• Reduced Handling and Storage
• Reduced Labor
• Reduced Container Disposal
• Reduced Risk of Exposure to Applicators
Aquathol® Super K provides the same proven reliable
control of aquatic weeds such as Hydrilla, Curly Leaf
Pondweed and Eurasian Water Milfoil as you have
come to expect from Aquathol® K over the past 25
years. Aquathol® Super K is a valuable tool to aquatic
applicators, fisheries managers and biologists involved
in aquatic plant management and habitat improvement.
Aquathol® Super K is an excellent formulation for use
in spot treatments, in difficult control conditions such
as moving water, and for difficult to control weeds.
Aquathol® Super K is effective in muddy water because it
does not bind to suspended sediment or organic matter.

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