Atlantic Region – North Carolina

Brent Silk – Senior Regional Manager and Right of Way

John Jessup – Lead Terrestrial Technician

Laurie Thompson – Office Administrator

Corporate Region

Henry Boyd – President & CEO
Suzanne Stadler – Corporate Manager

Katie Hardin – Corporate Compliance

Heather Foster – Corporate Administrator Manager

Tyler Day IT Assistant Manager & Web Master

Great Lakes Region – Michigan

Alto, Michigan –  Central Location

Jason Broekstra  Vice President of Michigan Operations – Click here for bio

Jaimee Conroy – Western Regional Lakes Manager – Click here for bio

Andy Tomaszewski – Southern Regional Lakes Manager – Click here for bio

Blake Mallory – Western Regional Lakes Assistant Manager

Nate Karsten – Southern Regional Lakes Assistant Manager

Jake Hunt – Pond Operations Manager

Karen Feley – Office Manager

Evart, Michigan – North Location

Bre Grabill -Northern Regional Lakes Manager, Click here for bio

Dustin Grabill – Terrestrial Manager, Northern Regional Pond Manager

Mitch Hiler – Senior Field Technician, Aquatic Specialist

Morrice, Michigan – East Location

Steve Hanson – Eastern Regional Lakes Manager – Click here for bio

James Scherer –  Eastern Regional Lakes Assistant Manager – Click here for bio

Jeff Fischer – Aquatic Specialist

Midwest Region – Minnesota

Patrick Selter – Vice President of Minnesota Operations

Melissa Selter – Board Member

David Hillstrom – Midwest Regional Lakes Manager

Kristy Hoge – Office Administrator

Jessika Selter – Office Administrator

Southeast Region – South Carolina

Bob Cernuda – Senior Vice President of Operations

Al Horn – Aquatic Specialist
Ray Gailey – Aquatic Technician & Fountain Specialist
Rachel Hutchinson – Office Assistant